Brew your coffee like a pro

All you need is cup

You got it

One of the easiest ways to brew your coffee is to add 2 teaspoon's (10g) to the cup

Boil your water

Pour over with hot water (92°C - wait two minutes after boiling ) - not boiling as it will kill some of the flavours out of your coffee 

Stir it

Wait approximatly 2 minutes and enjoy

French Press

Depending on size of your FP

Use 230ml of hot water (92° - wait two minutes after boiling) for each 10g ( two heaped teaspoons )  of coffee

Stir it

Use a spoon to stir it and wait 5-9 minutes

Plunge it

Stir it again and enjoy 

Espresso Cafetiere

You can use hot or cold water

Fill it up to safety valve (if you use hot water use kitchen towel to hold cafetiere)

Fill up hopper

Almost up to the top and gently level it up (do not press hard)

Tied up cafetiere

Make sure it is all well tied up, place it on the hot stove, wait a few minutes, enjoy

Pour over brew

Wet your paper filter first

With hot water, that will eliminate any taste of paper from the coffee & it will heat up your vessel

Put your coffee into the filter

For 1 cup use 230ml of water, first pour 100ml of hot water (92°) onto the coffee and wait 20-30 seconds

Use the rest of your water

Pour the rest of  the water evenly into coffee, wait until all this liquid drips down and enjoy

Espresso machine

Use fine ground coffee

Fill up your portafilter and tamper it down not to hard

Time is a key

As soon you fit portafilter into coffee machine press the start button

After 25 seconds

You will have 60 ml of espresso, enjoy

Have you any questions about the brewing process?

We will be more than a happy to answer your question

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